By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s not just a tablet. It’s a PC. That’s how Microsoft is positioning its new device that the company hopes will give Apple a run for its money.

We don’t know how much the devices will cost when they go on sale this fall, but, Microsoft Surface comes in two models, including Pro, which runs the touch-friendly next version of Windows, and has Intel inside.

“By having USB 3.0 ports, by being able to run applications like Photoshop on the tablet, suddenly that truly makes the tablet a very viable companion — and even alternative — to a regular laptop.”

PCWorld senior editor Melissa Perenson says the weight and thickness are similar to the iPad, but the screen is a bit bigger.

She says Microsoft could have a hit on its hands.

“Microsoft appears to have cracked one of the really critical components to making a tablet productive,” because they’ve built a keyboard into its cover.

“My fingers were able to fly over it, and it felt very natural.” The tablet also sits in a magnesium shell.

“Microsoft has a really good chance of shaking up the game and getting people to be interested, but a lot’s going to depend on price.”

Also to be revealed: the battery life.


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