New episodes of The Vampire Diaries return this fall, Thursdays 8:00 PM!  The season premiere is scheduled for Thursday, October 11th.

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  1. shayna says:

    omg damon is just to sexy like ughh bt sometimes he a asshole

  2. Frankieee says:

    love this show but bonnie needs to get more involved and ellana is so weak also mad that stefan and her broke up

  3. Frankieee says:

    One more thing stefan is so hot and Jeremy needs to get out the picture and so does Matt and Tyler. I would also like to know Katherine’s plan ahead of time because i don’t like cliff hangers..

  4. mars says:

    i agreed with u. i like him alot, but he can get in my nervers sometimes.

  5. karen says:

    I am soooooooooo inlove with this show i hate that it only comes on Thursdays or even just for an hour at that i can watch it alll day lol but how would it make money!! Ian Somerhalder is soooo hot its crazy!!! and i am really upset that Stefen and Elena are not together so broken by it 😦 cant wait till next weeks show

  6. Layla! says:

    I cant choose. Damon is so sexy, I love his eyes. Yeah he can be cold hearted but thats what make him sexy….Stefan is so protective and loving, a girls fantasy to have someone like him. BUT both Damon and Stefan have good hearts and protective when it come to the people/person they love so…. which one?

  7. Susie says:

    Ian is going to be my husband 🙂

  8. Iyannah says:

    I love this show. Nothing better!!!!! I cant wait 4 new episodes. So wish I was elana now…

  9. mina says:

    u wish! he’s mine!! lol jk

  10. monica vargas says:


  11. sierra says:

    I agree with you but stephan is waaayyy HOT hes like real vampire verson of edward cullen n i luv edward so stephan is most def my favorit who am i kiding i luvvv both of em its something about hot good sweet guys and its something about hot bad dangrous guys lol

  12. N3Na says:

    omg im in love ❤

  13. Leanne says:

    Omggh I love vamp diaries I’m a liover I live or this show haha but Ian somerhalder or Damon Salvatore is mine ha mine not IRS I ooveeeee. Him so back off

  14. Veruca says:

    That’s not just the best answre. It’s the bestest answer!

  15. Patch says:

    CaL3js BION I’m impressed! Cool post!

  16. Bobbo says:

    I’m out of laeegu here. Too much brain power on display!

  17. elizbeth says:

    my favorite person is stefan

  18. iyannah says:

    OMG! Stephen and Damon love Elana. I think eventually shes going to leave stephen for damon, No offense stephen I still love you all you guys are hot.

  19. Gina says:

    I am so pleased to learn that 5 new series are being added. However, do you think we could possibly get more episodes? This show is so great that when the season end it leaves me having alot of anxiety. We need more VAMPIRE DIARIES….

  20. Maddie Salvotore says:

    Is There Going To Be Another Season Of The Vampire Diaries?? My life will end if there isn’t. I’m soo obsessed… I have everything!! I love them so much i love everyone on the cast and i’m soo sad that Jenna died when she just found out about vampires. If you didn’t check this website out do it…
    it gives you info and you can express your ideas to other vampire diaries addicts!! 🙂

  21. Alexis says:

    i cant wait til the new season starts airing i just want to know the date so i can be prepared

  22. Cookie says:

    that dont mean nothin

  23. zakky619 says:

    it seems that the story line gets deaper and more complicated as now we get to see Ripper Stefan in action, also The SecretCircle will be releasing the same day as Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries, check out more information on that at

  24. warda d'alger says:

    Ian is the only film among all the members of my parents love him and I like so I put his picture on the phone and the wall of the room and the computer and his character in this film and I loved that answer Atmane in high Facebook

  25. warda d'alger says:

    i love you ian répond

  26. tahira says:

    vampire diaries is poppin

  27. Kerrilyn says:

    omg im like so excited for tonight.. you have no idea ♥ i absoulty would love to see caroline and Tyler FINALLY get together!! and gosh darn it DAMON is so sexy but so is KLAUS♥

  28. Hetty says:

    Begun, the great internet eucatdion has.

  29. zanae says:


  30. Tay money says:

    Vampire Diaries and the Secret circle were awesome last night!!!!! I watched how Elena was mad when Damon let Stefan out, that was harsh. Then Rebekah wouldn’t tell Elena the story of her life.The end was the best part,I really thought Elena and Damon were going to kiss,but they didn’t that sucked.

  31. Tay money says:

    Can’t wait till’ Vamp diraries this thursday!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jashxo says:

    first off this show shits on twilight. Stefan & Damon Omggg <33 Elena & Katherine are awesome and beautful . & I really think Caroline should get with tyler . Jeremy and bonnie should break up. Why all jeremy's girl friends end up dying ? A D D I C T E D to this showw!

  33. Jashxo says:

    Hell yeaaah .

  34. Damonwifey4lyfe says:

    I agree Elena and Stefan are so much better then Bella and Edward boring selfs. Caroline was annoying in the beginning but after wat she did for tyler she was more stronger and confident. I hope there are more seasons I’ll die without this show

  35. Damonwifey4lyfe says:


  36. bob says:

    I am quite miffed right now. Thursday night our electricity went out and I missed the VampireDiaries as a result. I thought I could come in to the CW site and watch it from here but trying to see the episode is impossible. I feel like I am getting jerked around unless I pay for access which I won’t. And of course VD doesn’t go to On-Demand. Does the CW want their shows to fail but not enabling people to catch them if they uncontrollably miss an episode?

  37. fatimah says:

    love ti

  38. sexii 101 says:

    o yes. but i think they both sexy!!! but damon is just like …. mega hot god.

  39. GABRIEL says:

    I live in Brazil and aki watch every day at home daily for a vampire is pretty cool. The demom is not bad it’s the most hilarious series!

    add me on msn for women! I talk to a Brazilian 16 years.

  40. Razvan says:

    I want to read these so bad! I lovelovelove the TV show (Team Damon 😀 ). I’m glad you yeeonjd them! I like when people tell the story in their own way, instead of just having the synopsis from Goodreads or something, though I have no idea why I like this :P.

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