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Comments (3)
  1. Harris says:

    How tragic to learn tonight that “hundreds of thousands” of people died in last year’s tsunami in Japan, at least according to the bubble-headed idiot news person who clearly made up a statistic on the spot because he ran out of copy to read. I hope the mental effort didn’t muss his hair.

  2. Ada Velez-Boardley says:

    There is something wrong here. My brother was killed in Camden 9th victim in Camden, New Jersey. His name was Angel Luis Ramos (tito). He had a great heart. He too was an organ donor. Because he was an organ donor there was no family notified and his license had been suspended. There is a major problem now with our concerns, he was either killed because of drugs or money or even ORGANS. We have to be careful that at times we are worth alot of money dead. It is a business out there that is in need of dead people’s tissue. Please look into our case. impersonators showed up at the hospital and my brother’s body was transfered after Cooper Hospital staff did not honor my right of next of kin. Someone else impersonated my mom and I. Please help. We need Justice for Angel Luis Ramos. Under Youtube you can check out his video and hear his real voice. Take care. under Angel Ramos (tito) YOUTUBE.. Thank you for your attention in this matter. God Bless you.

  3. Ada Velez-Boardley says:

    Please note that we the family needed to be identified at Cooper hospital and respected as family. They allowed the wrong people to go in to see him which called themselves family members. I feel that there is a circle of we want organ group I am very serious about my points. God Bless our children.

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