If you’re still a virgin to CW’s new show Jane The Virgin, you’re a little late in the course of the series. It’s time to catch up!

As the show’s mid-season hour nears, we’ve got 10 very convincing reasons why you should be watching this show if you haven’t already! These points are simply irrefutable and irresistible. Let the persuasion be in our favor!

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1.  Gina Rodriguez is absolutely amazing! 

Undeniably, she’s this fall’s “it-girl.” As Jane, Rodriguez is quirky, cute and funny! There’s nothing plain about this Jane! She’s the triple threat that TV has been waiting for!


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2.  You can’t help but sympathize!

For many women, learning you’re pregnant can be overwhelming. In Jane’s case, she’s a virgin but she’s pregnant because of an accidental artificial insemination. “Oops” doesn’t even describe this dilemma!


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3. Love story? Check!

Jane The Virgin tops that! It’s a “love triangle” on steroids. Jane’s engaged to the man of her dreams and pregnant by her first real crush. It doesn’t help either that both men in Jane’s life are incredibly dreamy. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Michael (Brett Dier) are the epitome of eye candy. The ladies of CW44 aren’t sure if we should be jealous or scared?


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4.  Whether you call her G-ma or granny, no family is complete without the beloved “abuela.”

Ivonne Coll as Jane’s grandmother is a standout character in this series. Her character grounds Jane with great life advice throughout the show. We can all learn a little from this matriarch, especially some new Spanish words!


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5.  To complicate Jane’s already outrageous pregnancy dilemma further, there is a looming family secret! 

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Jane has no clue that her father is the famous telenovela star featured throughout the show. This dramatic irony makes Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo & Juliet, look like child’s play!


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6.  Petra, Petra, Petra!

Can you say scandalous? Kanye West must have been signing about Petra in his song “Gold Digger.” Petra (Yael Grobglas) is a character on a desperate mission to keep her marriage intact with husband Rafael who happens to be Jane’s baby’s father. The plot reveals Petra’s motives aren’t exactly moral. Plus, she’s involved in some shady doings at Jane’s place of employment. Everyone’s dying to find out her end game!


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7.  Surrounding Gina Rodriguez is a phenomenal cast that redefines television! 

The cast is the epitome of diverse. There are prominent Latino characters, a spectrum of relationships, acclaimed actors and rising stars. With these exceptional members, the show is bound for tremendous success!


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8.  You’re guaranteed to laugh! 

The crazy plot twists in this show put Jane in the most awkward positions thinkable. Despite the seriousness of her plight, the probability of the incidents that happen in Jane’s life are hilariously sympathetic. What girl wouldn’t chuckle if she discovered her (accidental) baby’s father was a hottie!


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9.  Monday certainly isn’t the best day of the week. 

Instead of sitting in your bed on Monday night, turn your Monday blues into a happy tune with Jane The Virgin for non-stop entertainment. There will be tears, laughs and romance!


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10.  It’s a CW show, duh!

The CW has brought you great shows like The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and The Flash! Jane The Virgin is the next big thing. Don’t miss out! Catch Jane the Virgin on Monday nights @ 9pm on CW44.

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