By: India Lee

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— At least one movie has taken us there, no doubt. Here are 10 movie scenes that have moved most, if not everyone, to tears!

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10) “Steel Magnolias” (1989)

Why are we crying our eyes out? During that cemetery scene after Shelby’s funeral, her mother M’Lynn loses it in front of all her friends and family when it all finally hits her. That line, “I wanna know how that baby will ever know how wonderful his mother was, will he ever know what she went through for him?” Hits us right in the heart!

9) “Up” (2009)

Which part cut the onions? In the opening scene, our hearts melt when we learn about the childhood love story of Ellie and Carl. We see from childhood that they had such a strong bond that blossomed into a beautiful love story. Watching Carl sit in the dark after Ellie’s funeral is almost unbearable, and there’s no way we can get through that scene without getting choked up.

8) “Hardball” (2001)

We’re crying because? On their way home from baseball practice, Kofi and G-baby get caught in the crossfire from a shootout. Although it appears that the bullets aren’t heading their way, we soon realize that G-baby was shot in the heart. He was the baby of the movie you could say, so obviously losing him is like losing your little brother and at that moment we can’t keep it in.

7) “Green Mile” (1999)

Losing it right now: Even though it was revealed that John Coffey was indeed innocent and did not murder two young girls, imprisonment took such a toll on him that he decided to continue on with his execution. As we watch him get settled in the electric chair, we can’t help but to scream “Why!” as tears start to flow.

6) “The Fundamentals of Caring” (2016)

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Why are our allergies acting up? Along for the road trip of a lifetime, Ben encourages Trevor to go and meet his father for the first time since he abandoned the family due to Trevor being bound in a wheelchair. The encounter ended horribly with Trevor’s father offering his son $60 as a replacement for love and compassion, essentially showing Trevor that he never cared about him. Next, our eyes well up.

5) “The Lion King” (1994)

We don’t have a dry eye right now: Everyone knows this. Everyone has seen this. Everyone has cried! Right after Mufasa, the true Lion King, saves his son, Simba, from a Wildebeest stampede, he struggles to climb up the ledge. Scar, Mufasa’s own jealous brother, tosses him back into the stampede which ultimately leads to his death. We can’t help but to feel sorry for Simba!

4) “Fruitvale Station” (2013)

Why couldn’t we keep it together? Based on the true story of the fatal police shooting of Oscar Grant, we can’t help but feel it in our heart when the raw footage of what happened New Year’s Eve in 2008 starts playing at the end. After sitting through an entire movie documenting Oscar’s last day, he was trying to become a better son, father, and companion. Not a dry eye, guaranteed!

3) “The Fault in Our Stars” (2014)

These tears are valid: One of the most touching films, perhaps, forever. We watch the beautiful love story of two young cancer survivors evolve into endless adoration of each other. When Hazel is reading the eulogy that Augustus so thoughtfully wrote for her, we can’t help but sob at all the beautiful things he says about her. Augustus, having succumbed to his illness, is no longer there to comfort Hazel and we can’t help but feel it in our hearts!

2) “Titanic” (1997)

What classic moment sent us over the top? Although it could be argued that both Jack and Rose could’ve fit on the raft, it doesn’t change the fact that Jack sacrificed his life for his love. Rose was able to stay completely out of the water, which helped her avoid death by hypothermia, but the same can’t be said for Jack. We feel it in our chest when Rose sees a rescue boat arrive, goes to tell Jack that they’re about to be saved and then ultimately discovers he’s gone. Jack, you’re forever missed!

1) “Notebook” (2004)

How could I not completely lose it? Well, Noah and Allie lie down together one last time as she is sick in the hospital. “I’ll be seeing you,” is what Noah tells Allie as he gets in the bed and those are the words that cue up the tears. Ultimately, they die together at peace in that very bed and leave us questioning if we’ll ever have the chance to find someone to share that type of bond with. Okay, slight chance.

Hopefully most of you can relate and you didn’t cry just thinking about these scenes! Maybe this will make for a good movie binge-watching day. Just be prepared with three boxes of tissues and ice cream!

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What are some other popular movie scenes that may have you questioning, “Who’s cutting onions in my house?” Comment down below!