A Perfect Day In Old City

August 3, 2012 2:51 PM

old city A Perfect Day In Old City

Think Old City is just about drunken college kids fist-pumping to 90s rap and making out on the dancefloor?

Well…you’re sort of right. But that’s only at night. And in a few spots.

Because when the bass and beer wind down and the sun comes up, Old City becomes the quaint, historic neighborhood it was always meant to be. Looking for a lazy weekend? You want to be right here.

Your next step is to roll out of bed and grab your smartphone. Visit the App Store or Android Market and download SpotDash, the CBS mobile app that mixes quiz game, scavenger hunt and city touring seamlessly. Then download the Perfect Day in Old City Adventure. Because that’s what you’re about to have.

From a coffeehouse in an old banjo factory to the Betsy Ross House, Ben Franklin’s gravesite, and a gallery-cum-boutique that also distills some killer liqueurs, you’ll hit it all. And finish with comfort food and an ice cream sundae—well before those college kids come out to play.

And what could be more perfect than that?

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