• PHOTOS: 2016 Philly Comic Con
  1. Chris says:

    If i wear her i would be woried but since its not my life i can’t tell her what to do

  2. Max says:

    it’s not mean! she is a celebrity! it comes with titrerory, she is not affected by an opinion. I am upset for the other people that look better and don’t have that title. Her accent has nothing to do with her sexiness, wel 5% or less. I am not racist, The other girl in destiny child, (not beyonce not kelly rowland), was sexy. beyonce is not bad but over rated and i have no problem with people claiming that she is hottest girl alive because she is hot just not the hottest

  3. Adeshina says:

    @TheGreyDaisy ..If a singer can make their live snnigig different than the original cd/radio version but they still sound just as amazing or better then fine. But if you sound worse than the original there is a problem. lol. I cannot wait until someone comes and blows Rihanna out of the water and she falls in a hole and her fame dies forever. Her talent/fame is such crap.

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