Categories: Entertainment
  1. Sue says:

    If the child is at least 3 years and up and they are acting up or gnetitg nervous because there parents keep saying don’t smile like that I always tell the kids does mommy and daddy need to go to time out They always think this is the funniest thing ever and it kinda lightens the mood of and entire shoot. Plus it really helps the parents take a deep breath and calm down I play the name game with the kids too. They always love it cause we usually start out with there mommys or daddies names. Also sometimes if a child is really shy i say hey lets go on a treasure hunt and we walk around for a few minutes and find flowers, rocks, or sticks. And as soon as I see they are comfortable I start shooting away lolI always have kids at the end telling me they wanna come back and play with me again its really cute.

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