Surprised At ‘Gossip Girl’ Identity

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Henri Bendel & YSL Beaute Celebrate "Gossip Girl" Season 2

***Spoiler Alert***

Back in October, Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf by ‘Gossip Girl’ fans worldwide stopped by ‘The Talk’ to promote her new movie, ‘The Oranges’ and ‘Gossip Girl’s’ final season.

She told ‘The Talk’ hosts that she recently read the script revealing ‘Gossip Girl’s’ identity and said, “It’s not who I thought it was.”

If you didn’t see the show and don’t want to know STOP reading now! Otherwise, OMG! Can you believe it #GG fans? Did you know or where you surprised?

Gossip Girl is… not a girl, a show regular, Serena’s now husband- the one and only Lonely Boy! So he called himself Lonely Boy, huh? If you watched, and listened, it kind of all made sense. For as much as #GossipGirl tortured the gang, she -0r um, maybe -he?- really looked out for them when things got bad, too!

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