New episodes of NIKITA return this fall at a new time, Fridays at 9:00 PM!  The season premiere is scheduled for Friday, October 19th.

  • lee storace

    i watch this on the internet on your site the first week and
    now i wanted to see it again as i missed about l0 mins.
    and i cann’t find it again. how to i see this show on line
    please tell me how to find it. thank you

  • Frankieee

    Let me tell you you’re not missing anything with this show! The show is just like a soap opera…you miss one week and the next week has the same old tired story line!!! There is no point. Nikita is trying to take down Division–which makes no sense!!! With a little girl who can not fight…She is using this girl to do her dirty work!! Come out of the shadows & fight the battle yourself with “Division”

  • akebxi

    O0dn2J lwmalfogebwn

  • JP and MP

    We were fans of the show many years ago with the aussie, Peta Wilson and were excited that the producers had decided to try a new version. We do enjoy the new show, but often forget that it will be on. CWphilly gives other shows encore performances, but not “Nikita”. Sure would be nice to catch up now and then. JP and MP.

  • Abigail medina

    I truly love this show can’t wait till the next episode there doin a great job

  • Clarissa Hart

    Can’t wait for the new episode! Writing blogs for the CW in Dallas, TX has been a blast. I’ve learned a ton about the characters and the show and I really hope it does well the rest of the season.

  • john cicco

    michale has to end up with nikita and start a new be honest,they would make a great couple in real life.


  • Damonwifey4lyfe


  • Rhyneakqua


  • Earthwind

    Knocked my socks off with kondwlege!

  • iyannah

    i love this showw!!!! I watch it directly after vampire diaries like i have a choice. I CANT WAIT UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY> YAY!!!!!!!!!!! SHES WITH MICHAEL

  • Rosa

    I truly love this show, its unique and exquisite.. Continue doing an awesome job!!

  • tanaisia lewis

    THIS MY SHIT!!!!

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